insignificate thoughts

i got my first tattoo last saturday (5.2.)
im so happy bc i got a small heartagram, and i love HIM and their songs so fricking much, i love them since i was 12 and i they have a special place in my heart. my boyfriend got the exact same heartagram, he just put it below his collarbone. so i guess we now have matching tattoos lmao i don't know if that fact sinked in for me yet.
but anyway, for those who want a tattoo one day and are scared of pain, it feels exactly how you think it would feel like. it's like you're cutting yourself with a vibrating razor. since i've done it on my forearm it didn't hurt at all, im rly happy at how it turned out, i just thought id share it here.

sometimes i ask myself why the hell am i even there for everyone when they need someone, because when i need someone everyone is so goddamn disappointing. i didn't realize that being there for someone is such a hard thing to do, really. like i don't need your advice, you don't need to give me an answer that will solve my problems, im perfectly capable to do that on my own, i just need someone to tell me that im doing well. some encouraging words that will help me through the day. that's all.

today i saw a literal dead body on the street, it seems like a guy on a bike was hit by a bus literally a half an hour before i was passing by and i feel SO uncomfortable about it. had to tell/write it somewhere idk sorry.
i kind of stopped updating the site, even thought about deleting it and starting over when the mood hits me again.
ive been playing too much of diablo3 these days.
i've also been wanting to email some of the people on here that i rly wanted to talk to ever since we've become mutuals but im just too incompetent fot that sorry. thats about it.

i feel for the 'edgy kids' of this generation, i wish i could tell you all that things that you see as a huge problem now, isn't gonna be a problem at all when you're gonna be in your twenties. you all remind me so much of myself back then and i just hope that everything works out for you all.

now im the coolest bruh

coming back from my vacation today, ill probably update my diary today or tomorrow and then im gonna start on adding new stuff and things on the site, kinda feel bad i couldn't do anything with my site while i was on vacay but ill make up for it

i forgot to update but the plugs came. the post office in my country sucks balls thats all im gonna say.
but anyway im at the seaside for a few days now idk how many exactly im not aware of what day or date is it at all. im probably gonna write a journal entry soon, im just waiting for a few days now bc its not like my life is that exciting.
hope everyones having a good summer✨

DUDE I ORDERED PLUGS AN STRETCHERS TWO WEEKS AGO AND THEY STILL AREN'T HERE im pissed bc i literally ordered from that site only bc they say on their site that their shipping never takes longer than 4-7 days and ITS BEEN TWO WEEKS, first world problems i know

do u ever wanna do like a million things at once but then u end up doing none of it and just sit in the chair and be bored, because thats me currently

filled with regret, alone in the end

i'm a clown emoji, nice to meet u
i hate what todays generation made of twitter like i don't have a public place anymore for my whining, now i MUST be funny while im whining or cancel someone without objectively checking up on the facts, so i must make a shitty page that literally no one checks up so i'm basically just talking to myself and its weird idk

i'm very conflicted with my emotions lately, i hope it will pass soon bc it's rly tiring to feel this way. can also someone explain to me how come so many americans have nintendo switch, i am so fricking jealous how are u all so rich ;_;

i haven't cried in 24h already, is this an achievement

5.3.'21 // 3am
i made this so i can write my thoughts here and there without updating my journal bc i always end up writing a lot of negative thoughts that aren't doing any good for me. also i'm a boring person in my free time. i had a twitter layout meant for this but i couldn't aligned pic next to the txt so i gave up from that.