insignificate thoughts

i forgot to update but the plugs came. the post office in my country sucks balls thats all im gonna say.
but anyway im at the seaside for a few days now idk how many exactly im not aware of what day or date is it at all. im probably gonna write a journal entry soon, im just waiting for a few days now bc its not like my life is that exciting.
hope everyones having a good summer✨

DUDE I ORDERED PLUGS AN STRETCHERS TWO WEEKS AGO AND THEY STILL AREN'T HERE im pissed bc i literally ordered from that site only bc they say on their site that their shipping never takes longer than 4-7 days and ITS BEEN TWO WEEKS, first world problems i know

do u ever wanna do like a million things at once but then u end up doing none of it and just sit in the chair and be bored, because thats me currently

filled with regret, alone in the end

i'm a clown emoji, nice to meet u
i hate what todays generation made of twitter like i don't have a public place anymore for my whining, now i MUST be funny while im whining or cancel someone without objectively checking up on the facts, so i must make a shitty page that literally no one checks up so i'm basically just talking to myself and its weird idk

i'm very conflicted with my emotions lately, i hope it will pass soon bc it's rly tiring to feel this way. can also someone explain to me how come so many americans have nintendo switch, i am so fricking jealous how are u all so rich ;_;

i haven't cried in 24h already, is this an achievement

5.3.'21 // 3am
i made this so i can write my thoughts here and there without updating my journal bc i always end up writing a lot of negative thoughts that aren't doing any good for me. also i'm a boring person in my free time. i had a twitter layout meant for this but i couldn't aligned pic next to the txt so i gave up from that.