You're under no obligation to be the same person you were yesterday, a moment ago or a minute ago.
You get to hit refresh on your life at any stage. What if you decided to wipe the slate clean right now? To choose differently?
To choose you? You're the author of this incredible life you're creating, so start a new page and get writing.

You're safe. You're loved. You're protected.
The divine hand of creation is always guiding you along the right path to bring you forth the most rewarding experiences.
There is no such thing as a wrong way, a wrong choice. We are here to learn, to unlearn, to relearn.
Have faith in yourself and listen to your intuition.
You know the way forward. You're never alone.
You have the confidence, strength and courage to overcome any challenge that comes your way.
You're blessed. You're loved. You're in harmony with vibrations of the Universe.