i love them for around 14 years already, they are hands down one of my favourite bands and i never get tired of their songs. when you click on the photos it will lead you to my favourite songs from these albums, i would always recommend them to anyone who likes alternative/post hardcore music.


second favourite band definitely. i loved them since i was a literal child, they are my pre-teen years and i still love them to this day, i'm very sad though i'll never get a chance to see them live. also its funny how everything went full circle and they are the basically the main reason why i decided to pursuit the relationship i have to day, it's kinda funny. if you like alt music and don't know about them EDUCATE YOURSELF because they are one of the most iconic band of the 90's, they have their own genre and it's one of the best things your ears can hear.

dance gavin dance

likewise, a very dear band. very special sound. best guitar riffs. their lyrics and song titles are my favourite. the robot with human hair 'saga' is the best thing they've done. again, would definitely recommend if you're into post hardcore bands.


definitely the band that had influenced me the most. i'd dare to say they are my top favourite band. i'm gonna get those three rabbits tattoed on myself one day one hundred percent. their lyrics, their sound, davey's voice, i could listen to them for hours. while i can definitely hear that they've changed A LOT in their sound over the years they are one of the rare bands that kept their thing going on and that's what i like the most about them. i'm still hoping to see them live someday.


(i couldn't find yt links for all of the songs so the links for the first two are for spotify, sry)

ahh. you see, this band is a fresh gem for me. when it came to this band i could barely decide which songs to put here because they're all just that good, so i included a song from their EP (zero) which was the first song i've ever heard from them. they are very chaotic but also melodic enough to meet my tastes somewhere in the middle, i don't really know how to explain it but it's like they're making music exactly on the border of everything that i dislike and like and i love it so much. i have mad respect for them and i hope they get bigger and they get a chance to do bigger things because i think that they definitely deserve it.