a place for somethign idk what

games ids:
enstars: jzyi7osi
nu carnival: 485832938
genshin: 738096456
salin she/her 25+

retired grumpy edgelord , currently full time melancholic crybaby

i like to think of myself as a creative person, kinda boring but nice overall. i like gacha games and ill forever be an anime fan even tho lately ive been slacking in keeping up with that part of my interests.
ive been on internet since forever and i enjoy internet culture but at the same time as much as i love it i hate it as well.

anyway, hope you enjoy my site with my meaningless rants and sad vents, please do contact me if u want as im always in a search for people with similar interests to chat about bc i have no social life, ty.

thanks to awhe
for making my life easier with their awesome templates

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